How to generate savings for the shipping fleet?


The financial security of the fleet may be compromised by various factors. How to protect it, or even increase it? Here are some ideas – many based on the newest technologies. The shipping industry is undergoing a radical transformation in…

How to choose a graphic LCD display?

LCD display

As it is with any electric device, graphic LCD displays should be picked thoughtfully, based on their parameters. What to pay attention to when choosing it? We’ve got some tips for you. Are you buying a graphic LCD display for…

What is an embossed seal?


Many people use the embossed seal. Before choosing a particular one for yourself, it is worth learning more about them and knowing the types. In this way, problems associated with a wrong decision can be avoided. What is an embossed…

Develop your initially application 


This area defines ways to android apps develop a basic Android application. Initially, you discover ways to develop a “Hey there, World!” task with Android Workshop as well as run it. After that, you develop a brand-new user interface for…