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Pinal county health department

greetings and also invite it is my satisfaction to present dr Tasha spears who is the pinal area public wellness solutions area supervisor and also my call is Ralph Farrell i am the chief executive officer for pinal Hispanic council at this point we have a collection of inquiries that we want to deal with concerning latinos and also the covet 19 uh right below in

pinell area so we have a collection of inquiries and also i wish to beginning with the initially one please discuss covet 19 and also just how it’s spread out dr steve certain thanks mr varela it is such a benefit to be right below and also to share info with the neighborhood and also i truly would certainly additionally previously i solution the concern much

like to show public wellness is right below um to solution inquiries for anybody that phone telephone calls um so when it come to covid19 it is spread out by an infection which infection is coronavirus it creates a disease called covid19 and also it is spread out with small bit beads that you sneeze and also they appear of your nose or if you speak or someone

sings noisally the beads appear a few of the huge beads are up to the ground and also some remain airborne so they’re bit small ones airborne they can possibly remain airborne as much as a pair hrs nevertheless if you wind up touching something with those beads and also touching your encounter your eyes you can possibly obtain the ailment or if you

take a breath that in you can possibly obtain the ailment as well [Music] and also you understand they speak about like um why is remaining residence using masks and also cleaning our hands so crucial which in fact is due to the manner in which the ailment is spread out so if you think of it and also you do not have a mask on you can possibly more

quickly take a breath in the beads that create the condition if you do not clean your hands when you have touched something and after that you touch your encounter or your eyes you can possibly obtain the ailment by doing this so it is so crucial to remain a minimum of 6 feet aside from individuals that you aren’t sure quite possibly or um when you

are in a a celebration to remain a minimum of 6 feet aside from individuals to make sure that you do not as quickly take a breath in those beads if you have actually a mask if somebody’s unwell and also they do not also understand it that shields those beads from heading out into the air and also the mask additionally shields you from obtaining those

beads when you share homes several people have one restroom we aim to ensure we tidy as high as we can possibly also points like the doorknobs since if someone touched a doorknob they could have left a few of the beads on that particular doorknob so if you clean those off it is going to aid stop the condition and also dr spears there is a great deal

of discussion in concerns to head to the grocery store and also somebody may not be using their masks or and also and you understand you sort of really feel there is a danger there and also things just how how have you had the ability to deal with that entering into a grocery store of course it’s extremely difficult individuals fear i see individuals standing

outdoors the door questioning if they ought to enter we need to remain to real-time our lives all of us require food we have to take care of our next-door neighbors as well and also obtain them food in some cases so the crucial point is to adhere to the referrals you on your own ensure you use a mask and after that understand what is about you so ensure

you remain 6 feet far from someone you see some people possibly in a particular aisle delay enter into the various aisle or delay till they appear of that aisle a lot of the grocery stores have arrowheads on the ground currently so individuals are going one instructions so simply be extremely mindful as i stated we do need to proceed and also real-time our lives

so simply use the mask ensure you are 6 feet aside from individuals when you go residence from the keep clean your hands immediately after you unpack your grocery stores clean your hands once again um and also those are points you can possibly do to aid on your own and also among things on the on an individual degree we i i understand we had

a chance to speak extremely quickly concerning our grandma’s and also and our experiences etc and also as you understand in the latino neighborhood um the nanas you understand the grandmas are so crucial and also among the inquiries that showed up and also i had an opportunity to mirror after it’s you understand what would certainly we

inform our grandma if our nana or grandma you understand since someone in the family members may obtain desirable and also they could wish to be able to head to the residence since they’ve constantly done that and also been the caretaker of the family members and also i am believing to myself what just how might we what do we inform our

grandma and also you understand our nana therefore i consideration you understand section of it was you understand to allow them understand that you understand we recognize that is constantly been a component of them they wish to enter and also and care for the family members and after that i consideration yet it is our chance to inform our

grandma that it is us our it is our duty currently to care for them by informing them that they cannot come that possibly she can possibly send out soups or possibly we can possibly ensure that nana’s on the telephone and also they can possibly listen to the voices of the households possibly simply to be doing some preparation about what would

certainly occur if it taken place in our family members and also our grandma is entailed since a great deal of it additionally discuss the various worths and also social standards and also ideas and also therefore i understand we had a chance to speak about grandmas what do you really feel too in regards to your grandma of course which is so

crucial um we we like our relative and also our customs a lot of times are to be with each other and also to take care of each various other um to bring each various other food to to prevent each various other and also offer each various other a hug when when we have to and also it is so crucial currently to state since we like you this is so crucial that we

do not desire you to obtain unwell and also these are the manner ins which we can possibly assistance each various other in our family members to not get ill so you understand we are most likely to not obtain along with a huge substantial collecting in a really little room um we’re most likely to aim to remain aside from each various other out 6

feet those examples we’re most likely to advise each various other to clean your hands when you are available in the door so and also if i might simply advise individuals when you clean your hands um it is simply crucial simply to clean them with uh sprinkle and also typical soap you do not require anything elegant it is the soap and also the sort of the

um oil and also fat in the soap that obtains the infection off the hands so simply clean your hands with soap and also sprinkle and also completely dry them and also it does not need to be anything elegant yet advise each various other to do that when nana desires ahead over if somebody’s unwell that is the the vital part where we state um we like you we

understand you wish to do this and also it’s our resort to care for you and also this is the method we’re gonna do it um since we do not desire you to obtain unwell i understand the wellness division has actually taken the effort on the um the screening etc therefore if you have actually a private for instance that does not have insurance coverage or could be

worried concerning residency just how are you taking care of that um well in panel area on the general public wellness site there are various locations you can possibly go with a covet examination both locations for sure that the area established are a location in casa grande in a location in florence called standard laboratories and also we understand

that those locations those 2 locations without a doubt will never ever ask you for insurance coverage they will not ask you for any kind of sort of official recognition they’re simply most likely to require a method to call you to have the ability to allow you understand what your examination outcomes are and after that they’re additionally most likely to

reveal you if you do have the capacity to examine a computer system or something just how you can possibly do that they’re most likely to if you have actually a telephone they’re most likely to phone telephone call you too to inform you the outcomes prepare so we understand those 2 locations standard laboratories in casa grande and also florence will

never ever request for those points there are various other position on the site that do examination and also a few of them could request for those since they’re uh independent or personal screening yet it is so crucial um if you do really feel unwell that you go with an examination and also if you require assistance emergency situation treatment if you are

seeming like you are having actually problem taking a breath you have an actually high high temperature you feel in one’s bones that you’re unwell please go with healthcare it is extremely important that you go with healthcare and also obtain looked after so the ailment doesn’t become worse and also i understand companies encounter when somebody

has actually coven and also just how do you just how what do you advise for companies in regards to the quarantine section of it and also you understand having actually various other company staff members that have been possibly close to that specific to what ought to they do of course um so if someone um has actually checked favorable for covid

and also they collaborate with you and also you have been within that 6 feet um and also that is for a duration of 15 mins over a 24-hour duration so maybe 5 mins one-time 5 mins afterward because 8 hrs that you work and also you have remained in a location that is not extremely aerated quite possibly also if you have actually had a mask on we

advise that when you are because shut call that you have quarantined for 2 week and also the factor it is 2 week is that originates from the government federal government from the cdc facility for condition manage that have examined the infection and also they understand that that is how much time it considers the infection to incubate typically we see a

favorable someplace therein if you are getting the ailment someplace about 7 to 10 days yet you can possibly obtain the ailment as several as as much as the last day which is 2 week so that is why we state 2 week you quarantine for 2 week if you have remained in shut call if you are you on your own or the individual that is favorable we demand that

you separate implying you separate on your own for 10 days to have the ailment run its training course and also those 10 days it so it runs its training course within 10 days what is intriguing exists are some locations that demand an examination for you to return to work and also someone still can possibly examination favorable after 10 days yet that

does not indicate they’re transmittable it simply indicates that they’re still revealing a favorable outcome therefore the cdc along with the wellness division doesn’t advise that you examination to return to work and also i additionally wish

to say thanks to alan b the dining establishment right below in Florence uh remarkable food and also say thanks to them for their friendliness and also opening the doors for us to have this in a remarkable area and also keeping that i’d want to thanks so much and also it is truly crucial for all neighborhoods to remain risk-free and also to remain healthy and balanced thanks