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What is the full form of CFL

CFL: A compact fluorescent lamp 

CFL represents small fluorescent light. It’s a power conserving light that takes in much less power compared to the old incandescent lights. It includes a glass tube and also 2 electrodes. The glass tube consists of combination of argon gas and also mercury vapor and also its internal surface area has phosphor layer.

Exactly how a CFL functions

CFL has various system to create light compared to the incandescent lights. In an incandescent light, electrical existing goes through a cable filament. It warms the filament and also the filament shines to create light. In CFL, the existing goes through television having the combination of argon gas and also mercury vapor. The existing triggers the mercury vapor which creates ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light after that excites the phosphor layer on the within television which creates noticeable light.

Sorts of CFL

CFL can be of 2 kinds:


Incorporated: In an incorporated CFL, television, the digital ballast and also the bayonet suitable are integrated in one solitary device.

Non-integrated: In a non-integrated CFL, the digital ballast is completely set up in the luminaire. It’s not integrated with the light bulb so just the light bulb is had to be altered at its finish of life.

Advantages of CFL

Reliable: It makes use of 60-80% much less power compared to incandescent lights.
Long lasting and also Economical: It lasts greater than normal light bulbs and also takes in much less electrical power, so it’s cheaper in the future.

Environmentally friendly: It helps in reducing CO2 discharge as CFL triggers much less CO2 discharge as compared with an incandescent light.


CFLs are very suitable and also flexible. They can be found in a range of forms, dimensions and also powers to match various residence designs and also objectives. You can additionally quickly set up them in a range of lights like table lights, ceiling lights, dimmer lights and so on.

Creates much less warm: It creates much less warm as the majority of the power is exchanged noticeable light so really much less exchanges warm.