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What is the full form of COO

COO: The chief operating officer

The chief operating officer (COO) is the second-highest C-suite executive rank after the CEO.

The term COO stands for Chief Operating Officer. A CEO who runs the business, but that’s not a CEO at all. Most of the time the COO is a person who runs the company’s operations. For example, a sales person in an ad agency or someone who manages the company’s accounts. But it could also be a person who manages the company’s financial, legal or sales departments.

COO stands for corporate officer. It is the title of the CEO of a company, the president of an organization or commissioning agent. Entrepreneurs can choose to be their own COO, or to hire a COO to run their company.

COO means Principal Running Police officer. It’s the business title of the elderly supervisor of a business that is accountable for handling important divisions of the firm such as manufacturing, advertising and sales. He records to president (CEO) of the firm. A few of the choice business titles utilized for COO are Principal Procedures Police officer, Procedures Supervisor and Supervisor of Procedures.

Require of COO

CEO of a business stays also active in approach production and preserving connections with financiers and various other trading companions. He can not dedicate a lot time to daily procedures. So, a COO is required that can oversee and make certain the smooth operating of daily procedures and record to CEO.


A level in service management or relevant area is favored
Exceptional social and management abilities
Capacity to address troubles and take choices
Thorough understanding of service operates like HR, Advertising, Financing, Manufacturing and so on.
Appropriate experience and shown performance history in comparable duties.

Obligations of COO

Obligations of a COO are not set. The jobs of the COO differ from firm to firm on the basis of the background, society and nature of service of a business. A few of the usual obligations of a COO are:

Browsing affordable provide resources
Supply monitoring
Functioning resources monitoring
Prompt manufacturing and shipment of items
To oversee the advertising and sales divisions
Enhancing sales and touching arising markets