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What is the full form of SHO

SHO: A station house officer

A station house officer (or S.H.O. for short) is the person who actually keeps the station house. While the station house officer may be responsible for an entire precinct, or for a particular team, their job is almost always the same. They will be responsible for everything that happens in the various stations.

SHO means Terminal Residence Police officer. SHO is the head or police officer accountable of a cops terminal of a region. He supervises the performance of police headquarters as well as is in charge of preserving the regulation as well as buy in his


He rankings over a Sub-Inspector (SI) as well as listed below a Replacement Superintendent of Authorities (DSP). His rate insignia is 3 celebrities as well as a red as well as blue removed bow on his shoulder band. A group of Sub-inspector, Head Constable as well as Constables functions under him.

He has actually the authority to perform examination of criminal offenses in his
as well as to show up in the court in behalf of his police headquarters.