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What is the full form of SIT

SIT: The full form of SIT is the Special Investigation Team

SIT represents Unique Examination Group. It’s an unique examining firm of India which is assigned to examine a details instance.

Require of SIT

It’s typically assigned when it’s discovered that the current firm is unable to perform appropriate examination in case or the instance is versus some high-profile people that might affect the examination of current firm.

Kinds of situations appointed to SIT

There’s no legislation in the constitution to define the sort of instance that might be appointed to SIT. It’s typically the high-profile situations which are appointed to this firm. Gujarat riot instance as well as 1984 anti-Sikh riot instance are a few of such situations checked out by the SIT.

Just how SIT functions

Unique examination group can possibly be assigned by the Supreme Court or the mention federal government .The group is goinged by a single person. It examines the instance as well as makes a record to provide in the court. The record undertakes examination in all phases of charm. The court deserves to approve or decline the record. If the court rejects the record after that the appellate court is the just
delegated choose the destiny of the instance.