7 Important Questions to Ask An Employer As a New Truck Driver

Looks like you got a solid offer from a reputable trucking company! Just before you hop into the truck and start driving officially, you may want to know certain details about the employer and how their company functions. 

Sure, you are excited about the new job, but certain policies need to be clear. Commercial truck driving schools in Brampton will surely tell you about these questions when you are learning everything from scratch. 

Why wait? Here’s a quick post that unravels the important questions to ask an employer as a new truck driver. Make sure you read this full post to gain in-depth knowledge. 

1. How many hours will I spend on the road? 

Long-haul drivers stay on the road for several hours. But you need to ask your employer whether you have a one-day off in a week. Please clarify this before getting onboard. 

Will you be given a few days’ holiday after a long road trip? These are some important questions to ask before you join. 

2. What regions and routes would you want me to cover? 

Unknown destinations are beautiful for travellers. For a truck driver, it is work so you must find out the routes and distances you will be travelling. 

You need to opt for a company that has a nearby terminal location for maintenance and refuelling. 

3. What sort of equipment will I get? 

As a long-haul truck driver, you want to be comfortable. If the company is giving you a sleeper, some comfortable equipment to spend nights conveniently, then you can be sure that you are going in the right direction.

When you enrol in commercial truck driving schools in Brampton, you will get to know about the necessary equipment too. 

4. How much will you pay me? 

Truck companies have a set salary, so it might be mentioned in the advertisement. If not, you can ask this question directly without hesitating. How much money you are comfortable with is your domain, so you need to demand a specific amount that helps you survive and thrive in the area you are living in. 

5. Are there any perks? 

Whenever you join a company, you stay because there are certain perks. Ask the employer about the miles per month and the cents you get per mile. What are the benefits and road expenses? Will you be getting short-term disability, dental, vision, and full medical coverage too? 

6. Are there any bonuses? 

If the driver performs exceptionally, they should get a bonus. A good driving record calls for a bonus! Ask them if this will be included too. 

7. Will I be having a driver manager? 

If this is your first time, you would need a manager. This manager helps in enhancing your chances for promotion and also resolves any issues and answers all the queries promptly. 

Just before you apply for a truck driver’s position, make sure you have an AZ truck licence in order. A licence will allow you to drive bigger vehicles like a truck. Once you have the licence, you can drive the bigger vehicle and apply for any truck driver job. Just before you get onboard, make sure you ask all the relevant questions. 

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