8 Simple And Effective Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System

Do you feel often tired and with a drippy nose? Are you tired of suffering from season cold? In this article, we will discuss several simple, effective, and science proved ways to strengthen your immune system

Your immune system is the first and most important barrier to fight off possible infections or illnesses due to bacteria, viruses, and others; which is why is so important to keep it strong at all times.

But what can we do to boost or strengthen our immune system? Perhaps eating better or taking supplements? Getting more hours of restful sleep?

There are several ways to help your immune system to preserve your organism from the common cold and season flu, and the most important part, all it takes is to make simple but effective daily changes that will also bring other health-related benefits.

The best part? All these tips are backed up by science, so you can rest sure that you are going on the right path.

Let’s get started!

8 Simple and effective ways to strengthen your immune system

As the adage says ¨one apple a day keeps the doctor away¨, so this series of simple, effective, and proven ways to keep your immune system strong and healthy:

#1 Diet is the main source of health

A varied diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and whole foods will add the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you need to keep your immune system strong.

Some antioxidant components that you can find in food are β-carotene, vitamin E, selenium, vitamin C, copper, iron, and zinc. All of them improve different immune functions by helping your organism to develop a protective role in infections caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites (1).

Additionally, the fiber from whole foods can also improve the equilibrium of your gut microbiome; thus strengthening your immune system while preventing any external pathogens to enter your body from your gastrointestinal tract (2).

#2 Improve your mood with a positive mindset and meditation

Chronic stress and anxiety are two of the top risks to your immune health. 

Both of them can cause insomnia, and trigger inflammation response that will deteriorate your immune response; thus making you more prone to get sick (2). In one study, prolonged stress suppressed immune activity in children (3).

Some activities that you can do to improve your mood as well as lowering your stress levels are practicing some mindfulness techniques such as meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. It is proved that meditation lowers your blood pressure, heart rate reduces anxiety, and because it makes you calmer, helps you to sleep better and longer (4).

#3 Eat more healthy fats

Healthy fats – such as the ones coming from chia seeds, olive oil, and salmon – are excellent to provide omega 3 fatty acids, which are linked to the decrease in inflammatory response – normal response from chronic stress or injury, and linked to several important illnesses such as heart conditions -; thus helping your body to fight off diseases more effectively (5).

#4 Consider adding more physical activity to your days

Exercising is always a great way to strengthen your immune system and overall health.

Cardio is great for heart health and even to improve respiratory and overall strength, especially to avoid the common cold and flu.

30 minutes of exercising can also be a great way to prepare your body to fight off infection better (4).

Moderate exercise can also improve the effectiveness of vaccines, and reduce inflammation triggers thus helping your immune cells to work better and renew regularly (6).

Swimming, jogging, brisk walking, or a combination of cardio and weight lifting can do marvels for your physique, mind, and immune health.

#5 Add fermented and probiotic foods to your days

Probiotics foods such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and natto are filled with flourishing and good bacteria that aid to keep the equilibrium and health of your gut microbiota.

Science has shown that fermented foods promoted varied and healthy gut bacteria, thus helping your immune system to stay strong, fight off infections better, and even distinguish healthy cells from harmful bacteria and viruses (7).

#6 Add more hours of restful sleep to your nights 

Sleeping over 6 hours at night can help you to strengthen your natural immunity.

According to studies, sleeping less than 6 hours increases the chances of catching a cold or any other illness (8), while having a restful night of sleep of over 6 hours can help your body to stay healthy and fight an illness better (9).

Adults are recommended to sleep at least 7 hours per night, so turn off your phone and TV earlier while trying to use a sleep mask to rest.

#7 Try these immunity boosters

There are a couple of superfoods that you can add to your daily meals to keep your immune system healthy and strong:

  • Garlic, for example, is rich in Allicin, a chemical component well-known for its ability to fight viruses, and kill harmful bacteria; thus, keeping your immune system strong (10).
  • Add ginger to your meals or drinks. Loaded with antioxidants, and antibacterial properties, ginger will keep viruses, bacteria, and other harmful organisms away from you (11)
  • Turmeric is another superfood filled with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will improve your heart health while preventing you from getting sick (12)

#8 Boost your natural immunity with supplements

There is some scientific evidence in where the micronutrient deficiencies – like deficiencies in minerals like copper, zinc, iron, selenium, vitamins A, B6, C, and E, and folic acid, alter the immune response (13).

A specialist’s advice is to try to keep your body up to date by taking a multivitamin supplement. These supplements are often loaded with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other important components that will not only make your immune system stronger but also your overall health.

Science says taking a supplement daily can boost your immune system and preserve your overall health. So, why not try Greater Mood and Wellness’ Greater Immunity?

It counts with a Top A list of organic ingredients and superfoods that will effectively enhance your immune response and boost your immune strength towards any harmful microorganisms.

Made with garlic – it reduces the chances of suffering from cold (14), turmeric, Echinacea – it might help to recover faster from colds (15), probiotics, vitamins C – it may reduce the duration of colds in adults and children (16), Elderberry – it might help to reduce the symptoms in upper respiratory infections (17) -, Vitamins E and B6, minerals like Zinc, it was made and thought to protect your overall health while improving your immune system performance.

Tired of catching colds? Wanting to get rid of the drippy nose, season allergies, and the flu? Invest in Greater Immunity by Greater Mood and Wellness, and say goodbye to OTCs and napkins once and for all!

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