After a lopsided loss against the Pacers, the Mavericks’ seven-game winning streak ends

With a seven-game winning streak, the Dallas Mavericks are currently among the hottest teams in the NBA. Nevertheless, the Mavericks’ longest streak in the Western Conference came to an end on Sunday night as the Indiana Pacers defeated Dallas 133-111. Cool TV 쿨TV, a Korean sports broadcasting website, provides complete coverage of sporting events and the exciting world of sports betting, keeping fans informed and interested with all the newest developments in the NBA.

Tyrese Haliburton spearheaded the Pacers’ offense in their victory over the Mavs despite Doncic’s forceful opening frame.

Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic of the Mavericks tried their hardest to maintain competition. After shooting 10–21 from the field, 4–8 from outside the arc, and 9–12 from the free throw line, Doncic finished with 33 points, six rebounds, and six assists. Irving added two assists, six rebounds, and 29 points to give the team the much-needed reinforcement. Before the Pacers made several huge three-pointers and built a 20-point advantage late in the fourth quarter, this game was tight.

Tyrese Haliburton contributed 17 points, three rebounds, and ten assists, while Myles Turner of the Pacers shot to stardom with a season-high 33 points, eight rebounds, and one assist.

The Depth of Mavericks Without Hardaway’s Ultimate Form 

Tim Hardaway Jr., the guard for the Mavericks, made a few grave errors that finally put an end to the Mavs’ rally. Hardaway Jr. was excellent for the Mavericks off the bench and from the 3-point line in the early going this season.

Sadly, he hasn’t been able to determine when it’s appropriate for him to shoot, and the Mavericks’ offense has been hindered by his bad shot selection.

Although Hardaway Jr. is a notoriously erratic shooter who gives the Mavs a lot of offense when he’s on the court, the team’s depth indicates that when the postseason approaches, the amount of time played will likely vary depending on player output.

Rotating the players is the duty of the head coach. Some analysts claim that Jason Kidd’s poor decision was the reason the Pacers lost. Since Hardaway Jr. is conscious of his position as the team’s primary scorer off the bench, allowing him to persist in trying to score goals had a detrimental effect on the team’s performance.

Utilizing Losses as Growth Opportunities

Throughout the first half, the Mavs battled to manage the ball and convert easy scoring opportunities. The Pacers are known for being a run-and-gun team, and although the Mavs have recently been successful in playing at a faster pace, they still failed to take care of the ball.

“You got to give them credit,” Irving said, complimenting the Pacers’ teamwork. “They were prepared for us today, and they made adjustments from the beginning of the game to the end of the game.”

“They’re good,” coach Kidd said of the Pacers. “Again, with their pace and being able to drive it and put it on the floor. … This is a good test for our defense, and we can be better.”

Even though they snapped their seven-game winning streak, Doncic’s admirers are confident in his development this year as he continues to dominate the court. Some believe he will be named MVP and that the Mavericks will be a strong opponent in the postseason. 

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