Benefits of Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Copper is among the oldest metals to be utilized by humans and through the years has been utilized for a broad range of applications. We have been producing things from copper for centuries, simply because it’s simple to find. Copper is the second most frequent metal after iron, and though it’s got lots of useful industrial applications, copper has many lesser-known health benefits.

A note to consider

While it has been reported of a problem of skin irritation in some copper magnetic bracelet users, this was believed to be because they’re not using 99% commercially pure copper in the items. Instead, they contain toxicity metals like lead which may cause problems like headaches, digestion problems, and skin irritation and some nasty skin rushes.

Simply said: Some of the “copper” bracelets with magnet out there and especially in marketplaces like eBay are not made of pure copper. After all, when you pay low price, you do get – in this instant – low quality. So here is a bit of friendly advice: purchase only items that are commercially pure copper.

What is commercially pure copper mean?

Pure metals are those metals that have not been alloyed with other metallic elements; commercially pure metals are 99% pure minimum. Pure copper is used for electrical contacts, cables, conductive wires and many other parts that must pass electrical current.

Copper deficiency

Copper deficiency has been associated with certain heart disease. Various research was conducted, and several of them have demonstrated that individuals with chronically low levels of copper in their blood are more inclined to have high blood pressure level and are thought of having raised risks in suffering from heart disease. MPS copper magnetic bracelets has a massive range of magnetic bracelets just for this.

What Type of Arthritis Do You Have?

One reason that some people are sceptical to treatments for arthritis is that there are over 100 distinct forms of arthritis. The most common types are:

This is the most common type of arthritis in the world. This Arthritis is caused by a mechanical breakdown of the cartilage which is covering the ends of the joints in the body, which resulting in a situation where there is no cushion between the bones when they move against each other. The main symptoms of Osteoarthritis are sharp pain, popping or clicking sound when you move your joints, followed with inflammation with redness and swelling.

Rheumatoid arthritis
This condition causes pain, swelling and stiffness of your joints, and is usually affects the hands, feet, and wrists (with periods where symptoms become worse (flare-ups). However, some people also experiencing tiredness and weight loss. Rheumatoid arthritis is classified as a long-term autoimmune disease (Where the immune system attacks the cells that line your joints instead of fighting infection)

Juvenile arthritis

The uniqueness of this condition is that it attacks children under 16 years old. Other than that, Juvenile arthritis is the general name for inflammatory and rheumatic diseases that develop in children. This one is also an autoimmune disease.


Spondyloarthritis is a group of inflammatory arthritis conditions which primarily affect the spine and other joints, as well as internal organs, like the intestines and eyes.


This one is a type of arthritis that causes sudden severe joint pains.

Reactive arthritis

Reactive arthritis is the kind of arthritis which is caused by infections.

Psoriatic arthritis

This type of arthritis is the one that affect people with the skin condition called Psoriatic, which is a skin condition.

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