Get the Perfect Basic Onesie For Your Baby

Newborns go through 2-3 changes of clothes per day due to nappy leaks, milk spills, and mystery wet patches. Stock up on onesies in your baby’s favorite colors and prints to ensure you always have a clean outfit on hand.

This hoodie onesie features a soft boucle fabric, kangaroo pockets, and a relaxed fit for street-style vibes. Plus, the shoulder flaps make for easy diaper changes without having to tug at the neck openings.


Embroidery is one of the most popular ways to customize clothing, and it’s perfect for onesies. You can stitch a monogram, a cute design or a snarky slogan that only a baby could get away with. Baby showers are an ideal time to stitch a set of onesies for the new addition to your family.

Onesie embroidery is easy if you choose the right design and fabric. Pick a fabric that is medium weight and doesn’t have too much stretch, as this will be easier for your embroidery machine to handle.

To start, turn your onesie inside out and mark the intended center of your design with a pin. Next, use a disappearing ink pen to draw a horizontal and vertical line on the hooped stabilizer. You can also try a side-snap bodysuit that unsnaps at the crotch, which is a great alternative to traditional onesies for embroidery. You can use painter’s tape, hair clips or thread huggers to secure the onesie to the hoop and keep it out of the way of your machine’s foot as you work.

Animal Print

Animal prints are made from fabrics that resemble the skin or fur of animals, such as leopards, zebras, giraffes, and dogs. Typically, these patterns are in neutral colors like black or tan, making them easy to match with other items in your wardrobe.

Women and men can easily wear animal print clothing, but they should consider their body’s silhouette when choosing a pattern. For example, if you are short, a large-patterned animal print may overwhelm your frame. On the other hand, if you are tall, opt for smaller patterns to make your body look longer.

You can also pair animal prints with neutral accessories, such as gold jewelry. Generally, shoes that match your animal print should be neutral in color. You can also choose a shoe with an interesting design, such as a cork or espadrille, to complement your outfit.


Nerdy is a term used to describe someone who has a single-minded interest in something. This could be as trivial as grammar or as profound as computer programming. If you’re looking for a baby gift for the nerd in your life, try this onesie featuring binary code. The long sleeves make it perfect for chilly nights.

Nerdies don’t usually have a defined style, although clothing that aligns with their interests is often seen as nerdy. Any math, physics, or science-themed clothing can be considered nerdy.

Nerds also enjoy aspects of pop culture, like board games and movies (especially ones that have a sci-fi or fantasy theme). They may also like video games. This gender-neutral baby bodysuit from Luvable Friends features an astronaut and the words, “out of this world.” It has expandable shoulders and snap closures to make diaper changes easier. It’s made with soft cotton and is machine-washable. It’s available in blue, pink, and white.


Onesies are a popular fashion choice for babies. They’re comfortable and practical, but they can also be dressed up to make a fashion statement. Although onesies are a staple in baby clothing, they have made their way into adult loungewear as well. They’re especially popular in the adult baby fetish community.

Slang is an informal form of communication, and slang words can add personality to any garment. Here are some of the most popular slang terms used to describe onesies:

Technically, the term “onesie” is trademarked by Gerber, and Etsy recommends that sellers use different descriptions for their homemade bodysuits (such as “bodysuit,” “romper,” or “snap suit”) to avoid confusion with the Gerber brand. However, most people still refer to all one-piece baby bodysuits as onesies, regardless of the brand. The term is short and easy to remember, so it’s not likely to go away anytime soon. The word is even used in a popular song by the band OneRepublic.

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