How to choose a graphic LCD display?

As it is with any electric device, graphic LCD displays should be picked thoughtfully, based on their parameters. What to pay attention to when choosing it? We’ve got some tips for you.

Are you buying a graphic LCD display for the first time? Or maybe you need to finally replace the one you’ve been using for years? In general, these devices tend to survive relatively long, but there’s time for everything. If you’re wondering which model to buy, our tips may come in handy.

Graphic LCD display applications

LCD monitors are the most common in modern electronics, being an essential part of the television, laptop, computer, or mobile phone screens. Graphic LCD displays can be used to present information for commercial use, for example, on gas stations, in shops, offices, or in public transport. 

They can serve for displaying temperature, the weather conditions, the counters, advertisement, and much more. You can choose a character display or its extended version that handles symbols and images as well. The displayed content is controlled through the software. Some decide to integrate it with touch screen interfaces for various purposes.

How to choose a graphic LCD display?

The first decision to make will be choosing the module – as we’ve mentioned, you can choose a simple character LCD display or more extended versions. Then, it’s time for verifying its parameters. What to pay attention to?

#1 The colors of the displayed elements and the background

The standard color of the background is black or dark green, but you can also pick blue or red. We recommend checking whether there is a high contrast between the fonts and the background in order to ensure good visibility.

#2 Resolution

The resolution determines the quality and readability of the displayed image, so make sure to verify it. Avoid displays with the low resolution even if they’re very affordable.

#3 Polarizer type

You can find displays with three types of polarizers – linear, circular, and elliptical. We recommend going for circulars for the best quality image.

#4 Backlight

Backlights in LCD displays may have different colors and intensities. Adjust these features to your needs to make sure that the display fulfills its role. In the case of small displays, the manufacturers sometimes choose to implement a side-lit instead. However, in the case of the larger ones, it’s essential to have the proper backlights to avoid overheating. 

A good quality graphic LCD display can serve you for years! 

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