Magical Christmas Letters from Santa and the Christ Child: Bringing Holiday Cheer to Your Home

There’s nothing quite like the wonder and excitement that Christmas brings to children. This joy is magnified when they receive a personal message from beloved holiday figures like Santa Claus and the Christ Child. At, we’re dedicated to creating these unforgettable moments with our custom-made letters, traditionally known in Germany as ‘Brief vom Weihnachtsmann‘ and ‘Brief vom Christkind‘.

Reflect on the magic and happiness of your own childhood Christmases. The thrill of waiting for Santa or the Christ Child’s message is a treasured memory. Now, this joy can be shared with your children through our special and heartwarming letters.

At, every ‘Brief vom Weihnachtsmann’ and ‘Brief vom Christkind’ is a bespoke, enchanting message connecting your child to the wondrous traditions of Christmas. We do more than just write letters; we craft a complete Christmas experience. Each letter comes with a personalized envelope, a wish list for your child, a ‘Good Behavior Certificate’, and a set of three whimsical stickers, turning each letter into a cherished memory.

The smiles we’ve brought to over 10,000 children with our ‘Christkind Brief’ are a testament to the joy and excitement our letters generate. Our aim is to keep spreading this cheer and crafting unforgettable Christmas memories for families across the globe.

With the festive season around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to consider unique and meaningful gifts. A personalized letter from Santa or the Christ Child, offered by, is not just a piece of paper; it’s an invitation to a magical realm, a connection to the enchanting world of Christmas wonder.

This Christmas, let help you bring an extra touch of sparkle to your child’s holiday. Create an enduring Christmas memory with our personalized ‘Brief vom Weihnachtsmann’ or ‘Brief vom Christkind’. Visit us to establish a heartwarming family tradition. Together, let’s make this Christmas season one filled with magic and a loving message from Santa or the Christ Child.

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