A rising collection of evidence suggests that reading actually alters your perspective trendbihar.

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Researchers have verifiedTrusted Source that reading includes a sophisticated network of circuits and messages in the brain using MRI images. These networks also grow stronger and more sophisticated as your reading skills advance.

In a 2013 studyTrusted Source, functional MRI scans were utilised to assess the brain’s response to reading a novel. Participants in the study read the book “Pompeii” over the course of nine days. More and more parts of the brain lit up with activity as story tension increased.

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Increases your ability to empathize

Speaking of sensing pain, research has shown that people who read literary fiction — stories that explore characters’ inner lives — have a greater ability to understand the feelings and beliefs of others.

This ability is referred to by researchers as “theory of mind,” a set of skills required for developing, navigating, and maintaining social relationships.

While a single session of reading literary fiction is unlikely to elicit this feeling, research shows that long-term fiction readers have a more developed theory of mind.

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