Astrological Tips to Achieve and Maintain Success in Business

Every business goes through ups and downs. Even successful businesses can go bust due to unexpected circumstances like war, natural disasters, changes in government policy, personal misfortunes, etc. Also, you may be going through a bad period astrologically, which can be the result of unfavorable planetary positions. Sometimes, one may rise quickly in business and achieve great success, but a sudden development, or call it a twist of fate, may make the business collapse like a house of cards or go into a terminal decline. Thus, it is very important to devise strategies and think ahead to maintain the success you have achieved in your business for a long time.

By consulting a business astrologer, you will be able to find out how you will fare in business and what kind of business will bring you profits and long-term success. Favorable planets in your birth chart, transits, and conducive Dasha periods can indicate success, whereas malefic planets and unfavorable Dasha periods indicate problems and obstacles in business.

Why People Fail in Business – A Moral Perspective

It is a well-known fact that many people become successful in business by committing sinful and unethical acts, often against their rivals. People who commit sins to rise to the top in life will eventually suffer an inglorious fall to the bottom, as per the law of karma. Lord Vishnu suggested as much when he told Sage Narada that while trying to achieve more than others, even wise people fail to distinguish between right and wrong, with the result that they commit sins. It is certainly difficult to gain success by taking the virtuous path, but in the long run, it is better.

Nature of Planets in Your Birth Chart

In our lives, there will be friends, enemies, and enemies pretending to be friends. Likewise, in your birth chart, there will be friendly planets, inimical (enemy) planets, and inimical planets disguised as friendly ones. These planets will act according to their Dasha period and transit and give results based on their nature. Enemy planets, as well as those disguised as friends, will tempt you to do wrong things. They will give you happiness, success, and many other goodies. But once their period ends and the strict planets come into play, then your troubles will begin. They will teach you the importance of slow and steady growth instead of instant success. This is true not only for business people, but also power brokers and people in politics and government. Some people might have amassed ill-gotten wealth and power, but suddenly, they will come under the lens of regulatory agencies like the CBI and the ED. There are many such cases in our midst. They lost not only their power and wealth but also their name and fame.

The Role of the Sun

In astrological terms, the Sun plays a major role in this stunning fall from grace. It is a ruthless planet. Initially, it gives a lot to the natives – power, position, respect, fame, favors from the government, etc. But once it sets in your free horoscope, it can plunge your life into darkness. Being the strongest planet, once it turns against you, all other planets can only look on helplessly. When this happens, you may develop ailments in your stomach, eyes, bones, or head. This indicates that the Sun’s power has begun to dim in your horoscope and that it has become unfavorable. If this happens, it means that it is time for you to consult a good astrologer and seek appropriate remedies.

If you perform the remedies on time, there is hope yet. You may be able to reverse the tide of fortune and save your business from an imminent collapse. Even if the Sun is well-placed in your horoscope, you should check its position in the divisional charts, D10 and D60. This will reveal its intrinsic nature, and you will get a picture of the karma correction that will inevitably follow.

Thus, it is very important to understand the nature of the planets in your natal chart. The same planets that work in your favor initially can do a volte-face when they become uncontrollable. More than performing remedies, remember that you need to work on your karma. It’s your sinful deeds that are responsible for your plight, so you need to do good deeds and start accumulating good karma.

Planets and Houses for Growth in Business

· The 10th house in the birth chart is the house of career. It is important for growth and progress in one’s business/career, fame, and social status.

· The 7th house is the best house for business.

· The 11th house indicates financial gains and success. It is very essential to make profits in business.

· The 3rd house signifies courage and initiative. It gives one the courage to accept and overcome challenges in business.

The Ascendant/Lagna and Ascendant lord have to be strong for the business to run smoothly.

Some Remedies for Success In Business

1.On all Amavasya/no-moon days, spread dhuni of Rai in your place of business to remove negative energy, bring prosperity, and increase your sales.

2. When buying material for your business, buy some toys and give them to small children.

3. Install an energized Narmadeshwar Shivling and Shree Yantra at your workplace and worship them regularly.

4. For business expansion, sprinkle some pepper and black gram in your shop on Sundays. Clean them yourself using a broom and bury them in a deserted place.

5. Keep one Peepal leaf at your business place on Saturday. Worship it with an incense stick and place it beneath your seat. Do this for 7 Saturdays. On the 8th day, collect the 7 leaves and float them on a river or water in a holy place.

6. Get an iron nail from a shop that is doing well in business. Keep it in a glass bottle alongwith 10-15 granules of black urad dal. Light incense sticks and dhoop often, and keep it in a place where your clients can’t see it.

7. Worship Goddess Lakshmi regularly. On Friday night, light 9 Ghee lamps at your shop and home. Recite Shree Suktam while doing this.

8. Clean your business premises with Ganges water.

9. At the entrance of your shop, draw a Swastika.

10. Keep some sea salt at your shop in small bowls.

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