Capturing Love in the Heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Casual Captures Experience

Your wedding day, the culmination of love and commitment, is a momentous occasion filled with genuine emotions, heartwarming celebrations, and enchanting memories. In the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne, a city steeped in history and brimming with urban charm, Casual Captures stands ready to transform your special day into a timeless visual narrative. With an unwavering dedication to preserving the essence of your love story, our team of passionate photographers takes pride in capturing every treasured instant.

A Journey Through the Lens of Casual Captures

For Casual Captures, the journey of preserving your special moments begins with a heartfelt commitment to detail. We understand that every wedding is unique, and we take great care to ensure your love story shines through in every image we create. Whether you’re celebrating in the captivating cityscape of Newcastle or within one of its historic venues, we seamlessly blend creativity and expertise to craft a visual story that reflects the distinctive essence of your day.

Casual Captures was born from the love of photography that has been a part of the founder’s life since an early age. As a young enthusiast, the journey began with a Box Brownie, followed by a Canon 110, and even a claim to taking a selfie in 1974, perhaps one of the first! After relocating to Darlington in 2009 and working extensively throughout the North of England in a different role, the idea of turning this passion into a business took root. It all began at a family BBQ, where photographs were instantly displayed on a TV screen. Guests were drawn to the images, and the idea of pursuing photography professionally was born. Combining knowledge of functions from a previous role as a wedding DJ with photographic skills, Casual Captures was officially founded in late 2013.

More Than Just Photography

What sets Casual Captures apart is its ability to capture the natural, informal side of your wedding day. More and more couples are realizing that their big day deserves to be celebrated authentically, and Casual Captures is there to make it happen.

The founder, a resident of Darlington since 2009, understands that every wedding is a unique love story, and it’s a privilege and an honor to capture the memories of a couple’s wedding day. There’s a deep-seated passion for photography, a love for preserving these cherished moments, and a commitment to making your day truly special.

In addition to the dedication to preserving your cherished moments, Casual Captures also shares a bit of their own story. The founder, having been married to Carol for a few years, welcomed a new addition to their family – a collie puppy named Molly. This personal touch and connection with family life bring a warmth and relatability to Casual Captures that many clients appreciate.

The Casual Captures Experience in Newcastle Upon Tyne

With Casual Captures, your wedding day is not just an event; it’s a transformation into a timeless chronicle of happiness, connection, and the inherent beauty found in every gaze, gesture, and shared moment of laughter. Casual Captures combines a deep-rooted passion for photography, a history of creating beautiful memories, and a dedication to preserving your love story in an authentic and natural way.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, with its enchanting urban landscapes and historic venues, provides the perfect backdrop for your love story. And Casual Captures is ready to make sure that backdrop is painted with the colors of your unique journey.

In a world filled with formalities, Casual Captures focuses on what truly matters, capturing the candid, unplanned moments that reveal your love’s raw beauty. Your wedding day is a testament to your love, and Casual Captures is there to tell your story through the art of photography.

When you choose Casual Captures to be a part of your wedding day, you’re not just choosing photographers; you’re choosing storytellers, memory-makers, and passionate artists who genuinely care about making your day unforgettable.

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