EDEN, an agency for special VVIP customers in Gangnam, Seoul

In Gangnam-gu, Seoul, the capital of Korea, there is an agency called EDEN that provides special services for VVIP customers.

The services here offer a variety of courses, including role-playing, dating, travel, and errands.

Customers who use this service view the profiles of managers prepared in advance and choose a style that suits them.

You can choose a manager. The manager’s profile provides photos, history, and various information. Customers see this

You can choose, and each manager has different service levels and different prices. Customers fit their level

You will be given the opportunity to choose a manager that suits your style and price.

Gangnam VVIP agency EDEN offers a variety of manager profiles.

Gangnam VVIP Agency’s profile changes every day. You can check the managers provided here at the website (https://www.gangnamvip.org/).

They are not professionally affiliated, and various people apply in the form of freelancers.

If you apply here, the agency will conduct screening, interviews, etc. to determine what you are good at and what you can provide to customers, then create a profile and provide it to customers.

When agency managers are selected for this freelance format, they meet with the client, receive payment, and provide agency services.

Gangnam VVIP EDEN has a variety of customers.

Customers who use Gangnam VVIP Agency make a variety of requests, and the agency provides as many requests as possible.

The most commonly used services are role-playing, dating, and going on trips together. The customer base that uses these services is mainly middle-aged.

If you don’t want to go alone and spend a lonely or boring time, you can use this service. Customer satisfaction is very high, and EDEN Agency

There are quite a lot of regular customers. If you become a regular customer, you will receive profiles provided daily by the agency.

The agency will provide more special managers to regular customers first.

Business trip massage care service

Gangnam VVIP EDEN agency also provides on-site massage services. We have a team of professional masseuses within our agency.

It is composed of multinational personnel. Customers can view the manager’s career information and tendencies in the massage therapist’s profile and select the massage therapist to use.

This service can be provided outside of Gangnam and provides high-quality massage.

role-playing service

Among customers, when they need someone in a certain situation, they ask the agency for a manager. After reviewing the role, the manager

After meeting with the customer and discussing exactly what role they will play, we provide role representation services. Usually, they pretend to be lovers and act on their behalf.

We provide a wide variety of agency services, including friend agency and wedding guest agency.


EDEN, a VVIP agency in Gangnam, provides a variety of agency services. The price range varies depending on the job of each manager and agency.

Customer satisfaction is high, with many returning customers. The agency presents profiles of different managers every day.

Managers perform agency work in a freelance format. Because managers’ salaries are high, many people apply to agencies.

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