Looking for the Best Sailing Routes in Winter? Consider Yacht Charter and Sailboat Rental

Dreaming of escaping the European winter by sailing on a yacht through sunny tropical islands with blue lagoons, sandy shores with palm trees, and exotic smells and music in the air? Yacht charter and sailboat rental offer an opportunity to experience a heavenly bliss that everyone dreams of at least once in their life. The bewitching expanse of the ocean, the colorful world of fish and turtles, dolphins and whales frolicking in warm waters, unique coral reefs, endless picturesque lagoons, and mythical landscapes is a real museum of wildlife that can be seen in all its splendor when traveling on a yacht.

Caribbean Sailing Route in Cuba from Cienfuegos

Cuba is a country of eternal summer and a long history that has always attracted tourists with its tropical exoticism and special flavor of island life. A 7-day itinerary for a yacht trip around the islands of the Caribbean Sea in the waters of Cuba from Cienfuegos covers a distance of 230 nautical miles with stops at Cienfuegos, Cay Guano, Cay Largo, Cay Iguana, Cay Guano, Trinidad, and back to Cienfuegos.

Yacht Route around the Islands of Antigua and Barbuda

The Lesser Antilles group, including Antigua and Barbuda, was discovered by Christopher Columbus in the 15th century. The most beautiful island with a picturesque coast, many bays, and rich vegetation, for a long time, became the arena of the struggle of European colonists with local residents and the forces of nature. A 7-day sailing itinerary in the Caribbean Leeward Islands of Antigua and Barbuda covers a distance of 126 nautical miles with locations at Antigua Jolly Harbor, Dickenson Bay, Barbuda Coconut Beach, Low Bay, Long Island, Bird Island, English Harbor, and Jolly Harbor Antigua.

Thailand Yacht Route from Phuket

Phuket is the largest Thai island located in the Andaman Sea off the southwestern coast of mainland Thailand. The history of Phuket is ancient, as the island used to be a transit point for ships from India and China. A 7-day itinerary for a boat trip in the Andaman Sea of Thailand from the island of Phuket covers a distance of 125 nautical miles with stops at Phuket, Ko Yao, Ko Hong, Ko Panak Phi Phi, May Bay, Ko Racha Yai, Coral, Ko Yao Yai, and back to Phuket.

Seychelles Sailing Route from Praslin

Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean is a natural wonder with stunning scenery and unique flora and fauna. A 7-day itinerary for a yacht trip around the islands of the Seychelles archipelago from Praslin covers a distance of 180 nautical miles with stops at Praslin, Curieuse, La Digue, Coco Island, Félicité, Beau Vallon, and back to Praslin.

Escape the winter blues by considering yacht charter and sailboat rental to explore the best sailing routes in Cuba, Antigua, Barbuda, Thailand, and Seychelles.

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