Must Have vs Duft. Which is better?

Duft vs. MustHave Tobacco. Which is superior? Hookah culture has seen a surge in new developments and industry names in recent years. There are an increasing number of flavour brands from which to pick. However, the industry’s leaders have not altered. Today we will discuss two industry behemoths: Must Have and Duft.

Everyone can agree that these two tobacco brands are wonderful mixtures of bliss for any hookah session. We’re going to compare these two brands and see what makes one stand out from the other. But we can assure you that both solutions are excellent and that you will enjoy them.

Let’s begin with Duft. Duft has been in the market since 2017 and has quickly received early industry feedback, and its flavours are now complete with several alternatives. They use high-quality flavourings from England and Germany, as well as Burley and Virginia tobacco. The cut is both modest and consistent. It is simple to use. The flavours are stronger than medium, according to the maker. It is strong enough for any hookah aficionado, especially those who are addicted to Tangiers flavours. The flavour and smoke output are excellent.

There are three flavour lines: All-in, a pre-mixed flavour set, Checkmate, a collection of 64 exclusive varieties, Pheramone, a line designed exclusively for females, the flavours are light and pleasant.

When it comes to mixing these flavors, they work well with any tobacco and any flavour.

Since 2017, Must Have has been on the market. Surprisingly, the company got the flavours perfect the first time and swiftly expanded its flavour portfolio. Must Have starts with Burley, which comes from Argentina, Spain, Malawi, Italy, and America. Burley provides a robust hookah sensation and does not employ nicotine enhancers like some other brands.

The leafs are cut well and uniformly, it is easy to work with, the flavourings are the most natural that you can obtain in the market. In general, the R&D department must have assembled a fantastic team of flavouring mixers. The majority of them are single flavour variations that are simple to combine. Additionally, these flavours are inexpensive and widely accessible across Europe. (We hope that US carriers bring these flavors to their stores someday).

Conclusion: Given the available information, choosing a brand ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer Duft because they don’t want to mess about with flavour combinations, while others might choose Must Have because they want to have unique experiences. The strength of the hookah is another factor to take into account. For those who prefer a medium-strength hookah, Must have would be ideal. If one prefers a stronger hookah, they should try Duft.

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