Seagate Has Now Shipped Over 3 Zettabytes of Data Storage

Seagate just became the first data storage company ever to have shipped 3 zettabytes of hard drive storage capacity, surpassing that milestone in March 2021.

It had previously taken Seagate 36 years to reach the milestone of its first 1 zettabyte shipped in total. Then it took less than another four years to reach a total of 2 zettabytes shipped, and then just over two more years to accomplish 3 zettabytes shipped since the company’s founding. Seagate’s ability to manufacture ever more storage capacity has clearly accelerated.

Three zettabytes is a very big number. It represents a lot of data stored. 3ZB is enough space to hold 30 billion 4K movies — that’s so much cinema it’d take 5.4 million years to watch it! Or 60 billion video games — enough to let you enjoy nonstop gameplay for 86,700 lifetimes!

Seeing the rapid growth of Seagate, we are honored to be a partner of Seagate

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