Amazing Tips to Clean Your Car Inside & Outside

You may not have much experience in washing cars, so a guide will come in handy, especially because proper cleaning for your vehicle has many advantages.

For example, in monetary terms, do you know how much a fumigation costs? Those annoying insects and “bugs” that lodge in dirty spaces can be a headache. Add scratches on paint or glass due to dried mud or debris to the list, and you don’t want to see the bill!

The idea is to preserve the life of your vehicle’s parts and their overall value. So let’s get right to the point: know how to wash a car. Even if you’ve already done this chore, we’re sure you’ll discover a lot of useful information today.

How to clean the inside of the car?

The interior is the part where you should start washing cars. This is because, in the beginning, you tend to be more careful with the details; the idea is to be meticulous with the dashboard, the carpets, the vents, and the seats.

There are several tasks ahead of you:

  • Use an air compressor to remove surface dirt from the floor, carpets, seats, and every space in the cabin. If you don’t have one, use a brush and vacuum cleaner.
  • For carpets, use a brush for stubborn dirt. Rubber carpets are perfectly cleanable with soap and water. In the case of upholstery carpets, use a special cleaner on a microfiber cloth.
  • In the dashboard area, remove dust with a clean cloth; then apply silicone to prevent the material from cracking as a result of continuous exposure to the sun. This product gives it a shiny and renewed appearance.
  • Pay attention to the grille area. Use compressed air to easily clean dust and dirt from the ventilation ducts. If your vehicle has an air filter, remove it to remove dust.

Sometimes, many of us end the process of washing the car ourselves frustrated. We don’t end up as satisfied as when we take our car to a professional place. 

Car cash could be a good idea for you. The machines, the employees, and the industrial soap make that wash fast and efficient and require very little effort on our part. 

How to wash cars on the outside?

Washing the car is a weekend ritual for many. Especially in the warmer months, washing the car yourself becomes a fun pastime, whether you do it alone or, if you have children, incorporate them into this activity. 

Watching your car go from dirty to clean gives a sense of satisfaction that urges you to take even better care of it. While going to a car wash is convenient, it can be super costly in the long run. 

Once the interior cleaning of the vehicle has been completed, let’s move on to the exterior. To wash the outside of the car, you should proceed as follows: tires, bodywork, and glass.

Washing the tires

To leave the tires shiny, you need a sponge, soap or chemical cleaner, a hose or several buckets (one with the cleaning product, another to rinse, and another to rinse and remove product residues and dirt), and a chamois to dry.

Given the variety of products on the market, go for the least acidic one; acidity can cause the tires to lose shine or color.

Proceed to wet the rims to remove the superficial dirt and rub with the wet sponge; use a chemical cleaner for more resistant stains and remove them with clean water. If necessary, use some soap to remove product residues.


For the bodywork, the area uses biodegradable neutral PH shampoo. A common detergent or dish soap will remove the protective wax layer. 

The best tool to apply the shampoo and clean it is a sponge. Once the bodywork is clean, rinse the sponge; pour soapy water to remove the remains of the product and rinse with abundant water. Dry the surface with a microfiber cloth.

Glass cleaning

In this area, use a special microfiber cloth for glass. In this way, you will take care of the friction when applying the cleaning product (if it does not contain ammonia better). Move the cloth in straight lines and remove the product with a normal microfiber towel.

Use of waxes, soaps, and fibers

Sponges, gloves, chemical products, and chamois or microfiber towels should be special for washing cars. These implements are essential to take care of the bodywork surfaces or upholstery material. 

Only in the case of rubber carpets is it advisable to clean them with soapy water. For the rest, common detergents are only used to remove chemical residues with plenty of water.

Use several clean cloths for washing cars: at the beginning, they will serve you to remove dust or small spots; at the end, they are the ideal implement to dry the car. Clothes made of mesh or special fiber allow you to apply products such as liquid wax.

In case you need deep cleaning, you can use special paint cleaners to remove environmental chemicals. To go deeper into the topic of waxing and polishing, check out this website.


It is usual to dedicate weekends to cleaning our cars, but making mistakes can lead to unnecessary expenses. 

Some products and implements are essential to wash cars efficiently. Using them will be essential for the care of your vehicle.

We hope you have learned new facts about how to wash a car. 

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