Is it True that Hot Weather Brings More Roaches?

Although cockroaches are a year-round pest, their numbers increase during the summer. Roaches are an issue for both residential and commercial establishments during the hot summer months, especially in the southeast. Cockroaches are resilient pests that may thrive in a wide range of environments. They particularly benefit from warm, humid conditions, which are there in plenty during the stifling summer heat. Because of the higher temperatures in the summer, which encourage them to feed and reproduce at a much faster rate, infestations are more frequent. Even roaches that normally remain outdoors will enter your home or place of business when it’s too hot outside in quest of food, drink, and shelter.

How can a cockroach infestation be avoided this summer? Take a look at these advice to keep cockroaches out of your house.

1. Remove It

Roaches will enter buildings looking for food and water. One approach to prevent them from entering your home is to take away their food supply. After every meal, wash your dishes and put them away instead of leaving them in the sink overnight. Any spills or crumbs must be cleaned up right away. Grease from the stoves and other appliances should be cleaned up. Food should be sealed in airtight containers, especially pet food. Regularly vacuum and mop the floor. Never leave food or water out for your pet overnight. Before retiring to bed, empty the trash. Use trash containers with secure lids. Regularly clean out the garbage can. Make sure to look for spills or crumbs behind cabinets and appliances. Roaches prefer these locations because of the warmth that the appliances emit and the chance of food spills.

2. Clear It Out

Roaches hide throughout the day, so they look for dark, safe spaces to retreat to until dusk. Get rid of everything that they can use as a shelter in your home and declutter it. Roaches also enjoy breeding in newspaper and cardboard. Get rid of any unused cardboard boxes and recycle any outdated newspapers. If at all possible, try to avoid using cardboard boxes in favor of plastic storage containers.

3. Seal entry ways

When it comes to breaking into your home, roaches are incredibly inventive. A reasonable rule of thumb is that roaches can enter if you can see daylight around a door or window. At least once a year, check the areas around windows and doors, the roof and foundation, vents in the attic and crawlspace, and the places where electrical, gas, and plumbing lines are inserted. Fill in any holes and cracks you find. For minor holes, use caulk; for bigger ones, steel wool or foam; and for chimneys and attic vents, fine wire mesh.

4. Dry is better than wet

Because they require moisture to survive, roaches and many other pests are drawn to wetness. Check your home frequently for any leaky faucets, sinks, or pipes. You should also make sure that your appliances, such as your refrigerator, aren’t producing too much moisture. Fix any known leaks or plumbing problems right away.

5. Get A Pro

When it comes to roach prevention, prevention only goes so far. Nothing gets rid of a bug as effectively as a pro. Contact a pest control company in Melbourne, FL if you believe your home may be infested with roaches so they can perform a thorough inspection, identify the type of cockroach you are dealing with, find any potential entry points, use the most effective elimination and control techniques, and assist you in developing a prevention strategy.

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