Planning to run the London Marathon?

Thinking about marathon running in Europe? You’ll have plenty of options to choose from…but one you should keep your eye on is the London Marathon in England’s historic capital city. Held annually in the early springtime of the year – the 2023 edition will be held on April 23rd – this race offers up a scenic course, supporting spectators and the chance to see one of the world’s most amazing cities.

The race starting line is in Blackheath, south of the River Thames. From there you’ll pass lots of memorable sites including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the London Eye (the ginormous ferris wheel observation post), and more!

If you plan to participate, then you know preparation is crucial.  Acclimating your body to the demands of 26.2 miles/42.195 km takes time and several weeks and months of training leadup. You’ll also need to eat right before and after work outs and ensure you are getting adequate sleep. And if you’re planning to run the Paris Marathon – you’ll have a few weeks off to recover.

Logistically speaking, we recommend checking out for the inside scoop on European marathons. They’ll show you the best places to stay, how to register, course map and info, things to do nearby & more. Be sure to leave a couple of extra days for sightseeing around London or other parts of England if you have the time (maybe take in a pint, football match or walk the grounds of Stonehenge!). Regardless, best of luck on your running, life goals and health – we’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!

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